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"I've known Karen for almost 10 years. She has trained with me for commercial auditions and dramatic scene study. Karen can do it all from comedy to dramas to stage to film. A delight to work with and supportive to all around her. The depth of her vulnerability is truly breathtaking and she delivers the goods. Are you looking for a reliable and talented actor? Look no further... you just found her." - Kevin Lasit

"Karen is one of the few actors, that can totally become and breathe life into the character she is portraying, Watching her transform before a camera and witnessing the mastery of her craft during editing and then on screen leads me to say that Karen Ann Martino is a Brilliant and True Actor." - Sharlene Humm, Backlot Studios

"Karen Ann Martino is a multi-talented, beautiful, professional actress. She is creative, intelligent, versatile, flexible, easy to work with, takes direction well, and collaborates. Any director who gets to work with her will have an asset on set. Filmmaking requires patience, perseverance, and "personableness", and Karen has all this plus! I hope to work with her again!" - Karen Iaccoba, Providence Lycium

"It's a true delight to have an actor who can perfectly make your words come to life through their performance skills. This is the case with Karen. She is a dedicated, hard working, and passionate performer. I am always in awe when experiencing her talents. I am just so privileged to be collaborating with her her as there aren't many people like Karen in this industry." - Seth Chitwood, Angelwood Pictures

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